Chief Consultant

(Founder & Chief Vasthu Consultant of VASTHUBHANGI)

A unique personality, responsible for popularizing the ancient science of Civil Engineering, “Vasthushastra”, making it comprehendible to people from all walks of life, with his peculiar style of backing the reports with scientific explanations to each issue or aspect, and also offering solutions to all types of problems relating to dwelling and the building itself.

Within a short span of four years from the date of establishment of VASTHUBHANGI at Kannur in North Kerala, he has succeeded in imparting the spirit of VASTHU to the common man by removing their doubts as to all superstitions associated with this topic.

VASTHUBHANGI stands out to be a unique organization in Kerala, where the essence of Vasthuvidya based concepts are turned to common man’s understanding; which, coupled with the modern scientific methods of building construction, clients are provided with the most eco friendly house to live in without having to sacrifice any modern amenities. Vasthubhangi homes are therefore acceptable to people from all religions, contrary to popular belief that Vasthushastra is part of the Hindu religion and temple worship as comfortable and prosperous living abodes for humanity is the core objective

The enthusiasm, dedication, expertise and efforts of Sri Ramakrishnan has given a different dimension to the ancient science of Vasthu, making it more people friendly. Services offered at Vasthubhangi have also drawn the attention and liking of the premium and elite segment of the society as construction of homes based on the ancient Vasthu Shastra can mitigate most of their social, financial, environmental professional and health related problems.

The moment a building plan is placed before Sri Ramakrishnan for scrutiny, he can tell you what exactly are the problems faced by the inhabitants of that building. He will also give you solutions for all such problems. A personal visit to the site/building will no doubt unearth many more aspects. Whether it be a house or a commercial building a fruitful solution is always at hand from him

The long list of satisfied clients and patrons of VASTHUBHANGI justifies the decision of Sri. Ramakrishnan to quit from his official responsibilities as a Senior Officer of a Public Sector Bank, where he had played different roles as Law Officer, Personal Manager and Senior Manager for long. Holding degrees in Science and Law, he realizes that the basic help to the common people has to start from their dwellings and solutions to problems at home are the first step in their path to prosperity and progress at all levels.

Sri. Ramakrishnan’s interests and knowledge spans across a vast arena of subjects such as spiritual studies, Reiki, Pranic, Yoga, , Pranayama, Stress Management, Meditation, Karate and Horticulture. He is also an avid follower of Indian Classical Music and is the key office holder of the Kannur Sangeetha Sabha.