Vasthu & Meditation

India has a rich tradition of scientific research that can be traced back to more than 5000 years to the era of our ancient saints and civilizations. Studies therein spanned across vast subjects relating to the entire universe. The basic disciplines included briefly some of the following:

a) AYURVIDYA – A holistic science of treatment for varying illnesses by employing medicines developed from herbs and plants as well as replete with advanced yoga and meditation techniques.
b) ASTRONOMY – The study of planets, stars and the solar system
c) ASTROLOGY – A detailed study of the influence of planets and stars on human lives
d) VASTHUVIDYA – Ancient architecture and the science of well being and their correlation with buildings
e) DHANURVIDYA – the study of ancient forms of martial arts, self defense, weaponry and battle techniques
f) NATYASHASTRA – the study of various forms of dance and music

Our ancestors were proficient in almost 32 similar subjects, especially Veda Ganitham (advanced mathematics)and Surgery. Majority of these studies find a mention in the Vedas. These studies are found to be much more relevant in modern times, especially for science. Many a number of observations around the relativity theory, solar, lunar eclipse and planetary movements have been identified in our ancient books, although if we go back even more, to the stone age, the first thing that was invented was the tools, these tools were made for building or hunting, like hammers or knives, although now a days you can still find knives from hunting or self defense, at sites like, so these tools didn’t disappear but evolve with time just like us instead.

The origin or creation of the universe in itself, which is referred to in modern times in correlation to the Big Bang theory. finds a detailed mention in our ancient books. Ancient studies attribute the creation of universe to a basic sound wave named AUM. This sound wave called Beejakhasram (Beginning of everything) started reverberating in empty space expanding day by day towards infinity. Thus Space (Aakasham) came in to existence. Further expansion of the empty space lead to development of Air (Vayu). Fire (Agni) originated out of air and subsequently Water (Jalam) came out of fire due to the fusion of Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms present in the air. Earth (Bhumi) came in to being from Water. There are sparsely any fundamental differences between these ancient observations and the core of the Big bang theory in modern science.

Another similarity can be found in the Atomic theory that defines the smallest component of any matter as an Atom. The atom consists of Proton (Positive characteristics), Neutron (neutral characteristics) and the Electron (Negative characteristics). This is very much in sync with the ancient definitions outlined in the Bhagavatham (Skandam 3, Chapter 11). Here the smallest component of any matter is defined as Paramaanu (Arom), which can’t be seen by the naked eyes.

The Paramanu is further defined to have three distinct characteristics namely the Rajo Guna (Positive), Sathwa Guna (Neutral) and the Thamo guna (Negative).

Indian sciences bind these with our Puranas defining positive charge as Brahma (the Creator) Vishnu (Sustenance) and Maheswara (Destruction). The current flowing from Negative to positive is referred to as Sakthi (The Goddess of energy, always residing with Maheswara).

Our ancient texts and modern sciences have discovered that the human body is made up of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, the five elements of nature/ universe.The studies further goes to show that these five elements respectively can be regulated with the help of the Thumb finger (space), Index finger (air), Middle finger (fire/heat), the Ring finger (water) and the little finger (Earth). These fingers and the power therein are detailed in our ancient texts and referred to as the ANAMIKA, THARJANI, MADHYAMA, ANGUSHTA and KANISHTA respectively.

Achieving a perfect balance of these five elements in our body can bring about astounding changes in our metabolism and body energy. This form of alternative health solution is not often considered, but can prove more effective in many cases. If you are looking for more information on the topic, here you will be able to review unconventional medicine. This is indeed the scientific way for Meditation and Personality development. used by the ancient Indian saints. Utilizing this balancing system together with deep breathing techniques can easily grant freedom from physical and mental ailments. Combining these with basic Yoga techniques can bring about excellent results towards a positive and confident life. This is done by identifying the 6 key energy points in our body, namely the Mooladhara, Swadishtana, Manipoora, Anahatham, Vishuddi and Aajna, together with the Sahasra Padma located at the top of the brain. Channeling energy through these key energy points can help achieve a state of holistic health, positive mind, sharply focused energy flow and overall well being, including different physical issues as sexual problems that you can correct with manasa-yoga supplements online. Musical notes namely Sa, Re Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Nee respectively help create vibrations in these six chakras and the Sahasra Padmam. A harmonic practice of these sounds together with meditation and breathing techniques can bring about wonderful results in improving memory, concentration, and better health and to achieve goals that one sets out to reach.